August 25th Areni Reserve Tasting

On August 25th, Krush! hosted a tasting of Armenian wines made from the Areni grape. We picked 3 Reserves from the 2015 vintage purchased in Armenia, plus the 2014 Yacoubian-Hobbs Sarpina, which is now available in the United States. Our baseline wine was an Oregon Pinot Noir’s from Ayres Vineyards. Here are the results:






#5 2014 Ayres Perspective Pinot Noir (90-91 points)

#4 2014 Yacoubian-Hobbs Sarpina Areni (90-92 points)

#3 2015 Van Ardi Areni Reserve (90-92 points)

#2 2015 Voskevaz Karasi Collection Areni (91-93 points)

and the favorite wine in our tasting was:

#1 2015 Hin Areni Reserve Areni (93-94 points)!

All of these wines were very close in quality and each of the wines had at least one first place vote from a panel member. The Hin Areni had the darkest color of the group and showed the most improvement in the glass over the course of the evening. A really nice bottle of wine!

For detailed tasting notes, click here.