Khndoghni/Sireni Tasting

We conducted a blind tasting comparing two of Armenia’s top wines made from the Khndoghni/Sireni grape to a highly rated California Petit Sirah from Outpost Vineyards in the Napa Valley. For the results, click here.

Wine and the Velvet Revolution

BBC Travel just published a nice article on Armenian wine and the how the growing wine scene connects with the recent events which brought Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to power – featuring one of our favorite Yerevan wine spots and wine people : InVino and Mariam Saghatelyan.

To see the full article click here.

Announcing Krush! Armenian Wine Imports, Inc.

The Krush! team has formed a new venture, Krush Armenian Wine Imports, Inc. The new entity will import some of our favorite Armenian wines into the North-Eastern United States, for sale by mail-order from our Washington, DC location.

The first shipment will arrive in January 2019. To receive information on our first offer, please sign up by sending an email to

Tasting Armenian Wine With Dustin Wilson, M.S.

As part of our ongoing efforts to create more exposure and recognition of Armenia’s growing wine industry, we jumped at the chance to share some of our favorites with Dustin Wilson, Master Sommelier and star of the move Somm. Best of all, Dustin was quite impressed with his first exposure to Armenian wine!

To read more, click here.

Summer 2017: The Red Wine Report

Armenian red wines are setting the quality pace for the industry, with exciting wines from both traditional Armenian grape varieties and European grape varieties cultivated in Armenia. The read the full “Red Report”, click here:

Krush! Areni Reserve Tasting

On August 25th, the Krush! U.S. team tasted four Areni Reserve wines in a blind tasting. Once again, we found uniformly high scores from these great wines made from Armenia’s signature grape. For the results, click here. 

March 31, 2017 Karas Wines Shine In Krush! Tasting

In a tasting comparing 5 Karas wines with leading global brands, the Karas wines stood out, with the two Karas red wines clearly the stars of the evening. The Karas lineup included their two sparkling wines, their Classic White and Classic Red blends and their Wine Maker’s Reserve Red. Click here for more information on the wine tasting event.