Dustin Wilson Tasting Notes

Van Ardi Areni Reserve 2015

Notes: Pale red color, sweetness and spice on the nose, subtle oak aromas. Moderate acid on the palate.  Fresh fruit flavors of ripe cherries, strawberry and raspberries. Soft with a plush mid-palate feel.

Dustin’s Impressions: The grapes were picked ripe – alcohol content feels higher than the stated 13.5%. Due to the low acidity it tastes like a new world Grenache wine from a warm climate. A nice, clean, fruit driven wine.

Yacoubian-Hobbs Sarpina 2014

Notes: Tart crunchy fruit flavors of cranberry and pomegranate on the nose. A very well balanced wine, it’s full of fresh, bright fruit, has a nice acid backbone and the alcohol feels less than the stated 14.2%.

Dustin’s Impressions: A totally different wine from the Van Ardi; more reminiscent of a Pinot Noir, acidity and alcohol are in harmony. Overall a very well made wine.

 Voskevaz Karasi Collection Areni 2014

Notes: Spicy, woodsy, rose pedal notes on the nose. Initially an unusual flavor profile, but it reveals more as it develops in the glass.

Dustin’s Impressions: Very different from the first two wines. The carbonic fermentation from using whole grape clusters produces a more complex aromatic profile. A funky, quirky wine that’s a lot of fun and my favorite wine of the evening.

Old Bridge Areni Reserve 2012

Blue/tart fruit notes on the nose. Sour cherry fruit on the plate. Soft tannins balanced with good acidity. Continues to evolve and reveal smoky, cocoa elements as it opens up.

Dustin’s Impressions: Similar in style to the Yacoubian Hobbs Sarpina. At first taste, comes across like a nice Barbera wine from Italy. A very friendly, well made wine and my second favorite wine of the tasting.

 Kataro Khndoghni Reserve 2014

Notes: A big wine. A deep concentrated red color, super ripe, with lots of tannin. An intense nose of violets and raisins with some volatile acidity as well. Sweet on the palate – not fully fermented dry (some residual sugar) giving it port-like characteristics.

Dustin’s Impressions: Like a California Petit Sirah. An intense wine, it would be even bigger if fermented out to a higher alcohol level.