Krush! Summer 2017: Vintages, Vines and Wines

Visit Armenia and you will see Modern, Soviet and Ancient constantly juxtaposed. All three periods impact the Armenian wine today.

First there are the ancient roots that date back 6000 years to the Areni Caves. How is that relevant to 2017? Look no further than Zorah’s Zorik Gharibian who is making great wine by using the ancient technique of aging wine in clay amphorae to capture the beauty of the Areni fruit.

Second there is the Soviet period, when grape cultivation, wine and brandy production were key components of Armenia’s managed economy. While little dry wine as we know it was made in that time, the Soviets introduced new varieties such as Haghtanak and Kharmrahyut that are key ingredients¬†of today’s Armenian wines. All of the “Old Vines” in existence today date from the Soviet period.

Finally, there is the new modern history, which starts this century and forms the basis of Armenia’s Wine Renaissance. This is a period of history in the making, with each new vintage bringing something new and exciting to the Armenian wine scene. Here are our views emerging trends in vintages, vines and wines: