ArmAs Karmrahyut 2014

  • Wine Type: Red
  • Region: Aragatsotn
  • Grape: Kharmrahyut
  • Winery: ArmAs
  • Vintage: 2014


First made in 2012, ArmAs’s Dry Red is 90% Karmrahyut, with a dash of Areni, Kakhet and Meghrabuyer. Karmrahyut is a controversial and divisive grape. The controversy comes from Karmrahyut’s status as a hybrid and not technically a Vitis Vinifers grape, which upsets winemaking purists. The divisiveness comes from the love it or hate it reaction people seem to have on first taste. We love it and ArmAs makes one of the best examples.

Tasting Notes: Deep red color. Powerful nose of cherries and pomegranate. Strong burst of ripe and green fruit on the palate which softened over time as pomegranate flavors emerge and carry though the finish. Bracing acidity. Great now with burgers, pizza, grilled meats, not sure how this wine will develop in the bottle, but definitely worth trying.