Hin Areni Voskehat 2016

  • Wine Type: White
  • Grape: Voskehat
  • Winery: Hin Areni
  • Vintage: 2016
  • Region: Vayots Dzor


Hin Areni’s Voskehat is 100% Voskehat estate grown grapes. It is fermented and aged in steel tanks before bottling.

Tasting Notes: Pale Yellow with a slight green tinge. Peach and kiwifruit on the nose, honey notes emerge as the wine opens up. Apricot and melon flavors on the palate with a crisp green apple element to the finish. Overall well balanced – a light body, slightly sweet on the palate with good acidity.

A nice fruit driven white, try with fish or Mediterranean appetizers.

 Wine Voskehat
 Type White
 Region Vayots Dzor
 Grapes Voskehat
 Winery Hin Areni
 First Vintage  2013
 This Vintage  2016