The Areni Grape

Areni is Armenia’s primary and unique red wine grape. Famed wine author Janis Robinson writes “Areni is a very old variety that likely originates in the village of the same name in Vayots Dzor province, where it has been traditionally cultivated and where the oldest winery remains (4,000 BC) have recently been excavated.”1

Today Areni grapes are grown in most of Armenia’s wine growing areas. It is well suited to the weather patterns in Armenia, particularly its ability to resist the cold winter climate.

Areni can make full-bodied, age worthy dry red wines. The flavor profile has been described as a cross between Sangiovese and Pinot Noir. We believe Areni’s potential as a noble grape has not yet been reached as most Aremenian winemakers have not had the time or funds to adopt modern vineyard and winemaking methods. Areni certainly has the potential to become the signature grape of Armenia, much like Malbec is to Argentina or Shiraz is to Australia.


1 “Grapes” by Janis Robinson, published by ecco 2012.