Hin Areni Winery

Located on the main highway as you enter the town of Areni, Hin Areni has a modern tasting room and a nice tour of the winery. Appointments are not needed.

Hin Areni grows the majority of its own grapes (Areni and Voskehat) on vineyards in Vayots Dzor. Production is roughly 25,000 cases a year. Some French oak is used on the reds, but the majority is oak from Artsakh. The portfolio consists of two red wines (Areni and Areni Reserve), their White (Voskehat) and a welcome 2015 addition, a Rose of Areni.

 Winery  Hin Areni
 Location  Vayots Dzor, Areni
 Hectares Under Vines  32 hectares
 Types of Wine Made  Red, White, Rosé
 Winemaker  NA




 Contact  (+374 91) 40 70 33
 Visiting Information  No Appointment Needed
 U.S. Importer  Krush! Armenian Wine Imports, Inc.

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