A new must-see stop on your Vayots Dzor wine tour, Momik is a winery that grew out of the OneArmenia Farm-To-Bottle program. The goal of the program was to provide financing to grape farmers, allowing them to make their own wines, in effect giving them options other than selling their grapes to the big wineries. Semina Consulting/WineWorks was a Principal sponsor of the program and donated the talents of the WineWorks winery and winemaking team to get the project started.

A key feature of Momik is the innovative WineCube, a tasting room structure that sits directly in the vineyards. Momik’s vineyard and WineCube is just west of Areni Village, about 10 minutes from where the main highway passes through Areni. At the WineCube, you can taste the wines while literally sitting in the vineyards!

Momik is owned by the husband/wife team of Nver Ghazaryan and Narine Mktchyan. Prior to Momik, they grew wine grapes and sold them to the large wineries. Nver made small batches of wine in his home cellar. They named the wine Momik in honor of the famous Armenian architect who designed the nearby Norovank Church in Areni.

“The OneArmenia Project – creating Momik – gave us the opportunity to express ourselves through our own wine” said Nver. Narine added “It also gives us hope – and more control – of our futures”.

Narine, Vahe Keushguerian (WIneWorks) & Nver at the Wine Cube

The vineyard grows red wine grapes Areni, Tozot and Seyrak, and white wine grapes Voskehat, Khartoun Kharji and Muscat. Momik’s first vintage is 2017 which produced a red, a white and a rosé wine. All are very well made and lovely to drink, particularly sitting in the WineCube enjoying the beautiful views of the vineyards and surrounding mountains!

To arrange a visit, contact Momik via their Facebook.  Momik’s Facebook Page