Wine Routes

Here are some good wine routes for your visit to Armenia. They include half day, full day and overnight excursions from Yerevan.

The first route is 40 minutes north of Yerevan, where you can find ArmAs, Armenia Wine Company, Van Ardi & Voskevaz. Combine this with a visit to the nearby Hovannavank Monastery for a great afternoon trip.

The second is to visit Vayots Dzor, the Napa Valley of Armenia. It’s about a two hour drive to the town of Areni, the start of this wine route. Wineries to visit include Hin Areni, Momik (a WineCube in the vineyards), Trinity Canyon and Old Bridge. Combine that with a visit to the Areni 1 wine cave and Norovank Monastery to make a full day excursion from Yerevan. Alternatively, stay in one of the local B&B’s or head on to overnight in Jermuk before heading further east the next day.

If your trip to Vayots Dzor includes a stop on Khor Virap Monastery on the way, Tushpa is located a few minutes away and worth visiting. This also makes a nice short excursion from Yerevan.

Finally, there are wine destinations in the independent Armenian state of Artsakh, the region that broke away from Azerbaijan rule in 1994. A cease-fire is nominally in place, but Artsakh and Armenia remain at war with Azerbaijan and as a result, Artsakh can only be entered through Armenia as the border with Azerbaijan is closed. Visiting Artsakh is more about the history and natural beauty of this mountainous republic, but Kataro and Tigranakert are fun wine stops along the way.